Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Food on a Real Budget - Part 2 of the journey

Continued from Part 1 of My Real Food Journey found Here

As I read through Nourishing Traditions, I found I was fascinated. WOW, I can see what people mean by Nourishing Traditions being one of those books that changes a person's life! Not like the way that reading the Holy Bible changes a person for all eternity, of course, but it sure changes a way a person thinks about the food they are eating. It changes the way a person prepares their food, purchases their food, grows their food, and so on.

Being the Google Farmer I am and all, I started searching for more information on this "challenging" cookbook. Those of you who know (and love) me, know I usually never take anyone's word for anything, I have to find out the truth of the matter for myself. So it probably comes as no surprise that every spare moment I had was spent researching....

During this time I was blessed to find some wonderful, like minded homeschooling moms, like my self, who were much further ahead of me in their "real food" journey. One of these ladies was Wardeh of the website gnowfglins -- which stands for: God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season. Neat name, huh? There were lots of other websites I found as well, most of which I have links to on my sidebar, if you are interested in visiting them too. All of them helped me tremendously to apply what I was learning, and put it into practice.

By May of 2010 I had some *basic* real food knowledge, as I said, it was the beginning of my journey! And I was off to the east coast to visit with, and love on, my mom and dad. Who, as I also mentioned in part 1, had been diagnosed with cancer throughout his body. My dad had been undergoing chemotherapy, and by the time I arrived, had lost all of his hair. (He was still my cute Daddy though!)

I gifted them with their own copy of Nourishing Traditions! I also went grocery shopping and stocked up on all sorts of real food. Farm fresh eggs, coconut oil, grass fed beef, organic vegetables, kefir, etc. The one thing that made the biggest impression on my mom was the eggs. Normally, she has a hard boiled egg for breakfast one day a week. Normally, that hard boiled egg sends her to the little girls room immediately, or soon after eating it. Farm fresh eggs, hard boiled, did not cause her any discomfort what so ever!!! She knew, then and there, that there really was a difference in an egg that comes from a chicken who is raised in confinement verses one raised on a small family farm. To this day they still buy their eggs from a local farmer. Now the kefir...well...these are my parents we are talking about here, and we all know that a daughter can only make suggestions. wink, wink.

But, that does bring me to a point I want to make about Real Food...I have found in speaking with lots of people, food is one of those hot button issues, much like religion and politics. So, I would never want something like food of all things to come between me and anyone. EVER. Okay, now that I have that cleared up, back to my story....

For three weeks I was able to love on my mom and dad, as well as lots of my other family members who I love and miss dearly. It really was a great trip, even though the reason for going at the time was not so great. I had fun making giant meals for them and then freezing up small portions they could easily take out and eat after I was gone.

Even though my parents are not following the exact same food journey I am on, I am happy to report that my dad has been so welled prayed for that his cancer is gone!!! Praise the LORD Jesus for that. I can hardly wait until this summer when they come out west by train to visit.

Next week I plan on starting a series of blog posts going step-by-step on ways I have implemented Real Food on a Real Budget in my home, for you, my readers.  I also want to share that since beginning this journey my asthma symptoms have completely disappeared.  No more inhaler, no more cool mist humidifier, no more raspy chest congestion, no more gasping for air, that is unless I eat candies, cookies, or other junk food.  Interesting.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and may you be richly blessed,

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  1. I'm so happy to read that your dad is cancer free! Thank God for his goodness and real food. :0)