Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Real Food on a Real Budget - Part 1 of the journey

Organic. Grass-fed.  Free-range. Lacto-fermentation. Kombucha. Kefir. Beet kvass. Un-pasteurized, raw milk. Coconut oil. Liver. Organ meats. Bone broth.....Seriously, how many of these foods have you even heard of before? And if you have heard of them, were you like I was and just kept walking?

Okay, I had heard of "liver", and "organic", and even "free-range", but honestly, liver was really the ONLY one of these three that I am 100% certain I truly knew anything about.  I 100% knew that liver was yummy served with bacon and onions. I knew no one other than my mom, my dad, and my aunts loved it as much as I did!! A real liver expert. 

Anyway, let me just start at the beginning of my "Real Food" journey here on this blog post for you.

Two years ago for Christmas I received a gift certificate at Amazon.  I had been reading some posts, by other homeschool moms online, talking about a book called Nourishing Traditions. So I used my gift card to purchase this cookbook, along with some herbal remedy books.  When the books arrived, I dove right into those herbal books, and thumbed through the NT book.  Eww, raw milk?  Yuck.  Cookbook ended up on the bookshelf.

Less than two weeks later, in January, I got a phone call in the middle of the night, that my dad had had a heart attack!  Honestly, I could not even bring myself to answer that phone call.  Yep, when I saw it was my brother calling, and re-calling, and re-calling, in the middle of the night, I ran back into bed and put a pillow over my head.  I knew something had happened to one of my parents.  Thank the LORD for my knight in shining armor, Mr. Simply Elegant, who coaxed me out of under my covers (and pillow) and we called my brother to find out that daddy had been rushed to the emergency room...

The doctors discovered it wasn't a heart attack, but cancer in his lungs, his bladder, his kidneys, and a tumor which had caused a blood clot. Talk about a HUGE SHOCK to my whole family!  My faith was tested to the max.  

After the dust had settled a bit, and after much prayer, and crying, and prayer, and more crying -- that Still Small Voice reminded me of that cookbook I had shelved....

As you can imagine, this was my catalyst to finding out more about "Real Food".

To be continued....


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  1. Continued??? continued??? Okay, I will sit patiently and wait for the continued story. Love you, Rox! Thank you for posting the first part of the story.

  2. You have me on the edge of my seat!

  3. I had a similar introduction to real food. I'd read some blogs that posted menu plans & thought everyone was a bit krackers eating like that. Then my mom went in for an operation to take out gall stones. Her recovery was a little slow & 2 weeks later the hospital asked mom to come in for a check up. They told us then that she had cancer pretty much everywhere, started in the gall bladder. A few weeks later, I was again reading menu plans when I came across a post about the benefits of butter. It really struck a cord as my grandfather, who lived to be quite old & was always very healthy, cooked everything in butter. Everyone used to comment how it was very strange that he hadn't had a heart attack. That started my taking notice of these real food blogs & I bought nourishing traditions very quickly afterwards. Looking forward to the rest of your story. Hoping for a happy ending.