Saturday, April 30, 2011

Working behind the scenes here on the blog

You know, in my spare time! 

Here are a few of the projects or affiliate programs I have been working on:

1) ~Mountain Rose Herbs~ see side bar and if you want to buy from them and I will get a percentage of that sale!  No pressure, no parties.

2) ~Amazon-store~  I am always recommending books to friends in real life so here are a few of my favorites right here on the site for you (and them) to purchase and I also get a percentage of the sale!

3) ~Cultures for Health~  I promote kefir and kombucha where ever I go, well Cultures for Health is where I purchased my cultures from, so wanted to link you up from my blog, so you too can purchase from them.  Note: as of  high noon, Saturday, April 30, 2011,  I am still waiting approval from them. I'll update with a link banner on side bar when I am approved.  Here too I will get a percentage of the sale.  UPDATE: 12:12 pm....I'm approved, see sidebar!

I also want you to know I by no means want to get rich by offering these affiliate programs on my blog!  Just wanted a place for you, my friends and family, to a have a one stop shop to purchase items I myself find first class.


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