Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~Palais de Poulet~

aka The Chicken Palace, 

I saw the name ~Palais de Poulet~ on an Irish chicken coop, on a Food Network special, a few weeks ago and think it fits. 

Mister Simply Elegant 101 has worked so hard at building us such an awesome chicken house.  It turned out so nice we truly vacillated between putting live chickens into it or a wood stove and the bunk bed!  Chickens are now five weeks old, quickly outgrowing their second brooder, so I do believe the bunk bed and wood stove will have to stay where they are.

Here are the "girls" at one week:

Here they are this week:

Yep, they need to take up residence in the big girl coop -- just as soon as they get the rest of their big girl feathers!



  1. Showed a homesteading friend the picture of «le palais de poulet». He was thoroughly jealous! Just be careful--Paul and Sherri started with just a few chickens. Now their chickens and roosters share the yard with three very pregnant sheep (the fourth is spending time with her newborns in a special pen in the barn); a turducken; and a couple goats!

  2. Yes, I have already named the Jersey milk cow "Buttercup" and "Lambchop" and "Wooly" for the sheep. Mr. Simply Elegant 101 nixed the goat idea. Smile.