Thursday, October 13, 2011

A dog, a BIG dog, arrived at our farm on Monday...out of the blue!

So, I let the chickens out to free range, went in the house to get the laundry to hang on the line, and in the two minutes it took me to get the wash and come back out, there was a giant white dog on the patio! Giant and super, super skinny. The roosters are a gettin' the girls all behind them; at the same time letting the dog know they don't appreciate him on their turf!! LOL The dog is wagging his tail. Whew!

I walk down the driveway, with the dog following me, to see if there are any cowboys or sheep herders around. Nope. I then tell the dog, "GO HOME" - he sits at my feet, looking up at me with his lovely light brown eyes....melting my heart...."okay, big guy, I'll feed ya." Poor thing was dirty, his hips are messed up, and did I mention super, super skinny? I prayed, "LORD, did you send me this dog?" :)

I called the sheriff's office to see if anyone had reported him missing. No, no one has. He is either an Akbash or a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. Great with the chickens and us. We already have fallen in love.  Mr. Simply Elegant has been measuring for the cool condo dog house he plans to build.

Will keep you posted...

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